Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Character Interview with Lara from Wisteria / ebook giveaway

Three years ago, the Nero Virus turned 80% of the world's population into flesh eating biters. The biters want one thing, to devour and feast on the uninfected. A few survivors live on the Isle of Smythye one of the last bastions of humanity.

Today, I'm interviewing a character from my dystopian / post apocalyptic novel Wisteria. We were supposed to get Wisteria, but she couldn’t make it. So we’ve got her mother.

B: Brilliant. What’s your name?
L: I'm called Omolara Kuti or Lara for short.

B: Does it mean anything?
L: Yes, Kuti is Yoruba and means death cannot kill.

B: I hear Lara may not be your real name.
L: (smiles) It isn't, but my real name isn't any of your business.

B: Where were you born? Where do you call home?
L: I was born in General Hospital on Lagos Island and I used to call Lagos home. Now the Isle of Smythe is the only home I have.

B: What is your most treasured possession?
L: I treasure my family the most, not that they’re my possessions. I’d do anything for them; even kill for them if I had to.

B: Whoa... but you've never done that right?  I mean...kill someone to protect your family.
L: (Smirks) please, ask me something else

B:What or who is the greatest love of your life?
L: (Scowls) Next question

B: So what do think about Wisteria's relationship with Bach? I'm sure your daughter hanging out with a Supernatural must be an interesting experience.
L: Over my dead body. There is no relationship between Wisteria and Bach. None! And to answer your question about killing someone, Bach is at the top of my list. If I find he's been seeing Wisteria, he will end him. Just so you understand I’m serious, I used to be solider and I’ve taken people down before.

B: Seriously? Aren't you overreacting?
L: No. His people are dangerous.

B: Why are they so dangerous? It’s not like they eat people or hunt us.
L: They hate all humans. I’ll never forget the night the Family's empirics broke into my home and killed my first husband and took my first child. I wasn’t strong enough to protect them them, but I am now and I'll never let those freaks near my family.

B: And when you explained this to her, what was her reaction?
L: I told you, she's sixteen, so I won't burden her with something so heavy. I'm her mother and she'll do what I say.

B: Even when you lie to her?
L:(Laughs). Especially when I lie. Don't look at me like that... I lie to protect her.

B: Maybe you could try being more open with her. She might--
L: Listen, I didn't agree to this interview, so you could lecture me on how to be a mother. I'm getting out of here (leaves).

B: Er... it think we are done?

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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Praise for Wisteria

"The book was full of nonstop action from the beginning until the end, and I did not put it down until I had finished it." Monique Morgan.    [Read the full review at]

I can honestly say this book was not what I thought it would be, it was so amazing and Bisi's writing was very entrancing. No matter how much I didn't want to read on and just stop all together, I didn't because even though there were zombies, the story was too good to be cut short. Aliaa El-Nashar [Read the full review at]

 "There are a lot of great things in this book, so much more than zombies and a struggle for survival... Ms. Leyton brings to Wisteria a mixture of science fiction, fantasy, dystopic world with a twist to the paranormal romance angle!" Cabin Goddess [Read the full review at]

"What a great start to the Wisteria series!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book!! Bisi Leyton has written a fabulous novel...." Nomi's Paranormal Palace  [Read the full review at]

"...the main story- line of Wisteria and Bach (one of the strange boys), this was by far the most interesting part, Bach and his companions are not from Terra (Earth) they are just here to watch it die, and Wisteria and he have met before but neither of them can figure out when or where. This is what kept me reading,I needed to find out."  Cover2Cover  [Read the full review at]

"It was a breath of fresh air." Rute Canhoto [Read the full review at]

"I am SO glad that I decided to read this book... Between the action packed scenes with an "average" heroine and the interesting twist on your "typical" zombie book, this story holds your attention from page one. And that story line! Holy Moly! It definitely had me thinking about what could happen to our world,..." Brittany C [Read the full review at]

"This was a really good read. I loved the storyline and the character development. I liked the attention to detail about the Family and the community Wisteria lives in. It isn’t your typical zombie book, it has a unique twist and it was very enjoyable." Kaina  [Read the full review at]