Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Who Am I?

Who is this guy below? Simply leave a comment about the back story of this character. You can write anything like his name, hobbies, his home life, is he a clone, elf, does he see ghosts? I'm a paranormal writer, so the less crazier the better.

I'll pick my favorite comments and the winner will get a free copy of Criteria.

Entries close at 28th February 2013 at 12pm GMT.


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  1. My name is Andrew. I am your typical teenage boy. My parents and I fight. I chase after girls. My pals dog me about my clothes and oh yeah, I can move things with my mind. Ever since that day two years ago, my life was forever changed. Now, when I think about wanting something, it simply comes to me. No one knows my secret and I find it harder and harder to keep it quiet. It's the worst when playing football. I want a pass to come to me and it does, no matter how badly it was thrown. Coach thinks I'm a natural but I know better. I had been getting used to my newly found powers and then I met Leila. She's beautiful and quiet and from the moment I saw her, I wanted her. It seemed she wanted me too but then I realized that it may just be my powers. I need to find out the truth. I can't live with myself if what she is feeling isn't real. I don't know where to go or who to turn to. I'm trying to keep her at bay until I know for sure, but it's getting to be a difficult task.

    mestith at gmail dot com

  2. Jack is a soul jumper. He exists in a realm very far from where we are, but he visits us often by latching onto our souls through our dreams.

    Awe, man, I just made myself sad. because now I know that he's in love with a human girl, but he can't be with her because he can only jump for short periods of time. Lol.

    1. Sorry, you can reach me here:


  3. his name is baden and he can travel to the future with the ball that he has in his hand, to travel in timel, he imagines diferent scenarios for things that may happen and then he is sucked into the ball, but he is only in that time frame for as long as he is awake, once he goes to sleep he comes back to the present.
    but in one scenario, he meets this girl and falls for her but something happens that knocks him out and sends him to the present. So now he is trying to figure out the perfect settings so he can meet her again in the future.
    Sorry for my bad English, it 's not my first language

  4. My name is Jasper and I have the power that you will never imagine, and who am I, I'm a control strength, mind and everything around me

  5. My name is Zak...I'm the typical bad boy with the ability to project an orb that can see into the past, present and future. But it's not accurate all the time...because free will can change the turn of events...I can only see what would happen if the person doesnt change their mind. Sometimes this is an advantage for me, and sometimes it gets me into a LOAD of trouble.

  6. He's a demi-god named Kaiden watching different worlds to keep himself amused and finds a girl on earth that he keeps watching and falls in love with.

  7. Melchior Balthasar, named after two of the wise-men. A magi or mage by trade but works as an astronomer to pay the bills. He has a small azhdahā(dragon) as his companion.