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Giveaway and Spotlight On: Blood Prophecy II by Barb Jones

When you are in love with the one you fear and hate the most, it leaves you no options. How can you fight her, protect her, when all it would do is leave you in pieces?
Amber and Chloe are pulled deeper in the Prophecy that revealed itself at the moment they became friends. Michael is pulled into different directions. One to love and protect his Queen or to join forces with the Vampire Hunter and kill the Queen before the Blood Prophecy is revealed. His choie along with the birth of the Child from a vampire and witch marks the intensity of the Blood Prophecy. Once the child is born, the path of the prophecy is laid out and Amber must obey that path.
Could she unite the races or destroy them all with the child?


Malakai had a special connection to Amber, though for the life of him, he couldn’t remember how or why. The only thing that he could remember was the message he had to tell her. He cleared his throat as his fingers ran through this hair. Normally, Malakai’s hair was always tied back, but since his injuries the night before, his hair was wild and long. He began to speak to Amber.

“My blood continues to flow yet boils as I haven’t been able to finish what I started. Know this, vampire bitch, the Chosen you are bound to will fail you. I am your only salvation in your destiny. You think that you are destined for greatness, when in fact you are destined for death. Your wolf companion shares a secret of your parentage you do not know and I have wiped his memories from him. If you want what you seek, meet me. The time and choosing of the hour will be mine to make. Guard this wolf beast all you want, but his mind is controlled by my choosing. And I choose to destroy you and the rest of your Chosen. The King is not your only enemy. Your hour will come.”



B and N:


My writing has always been a passion of mine as a way to express my imagination and creativity.  It began when I was little and was just something I fostered as I grew older.  Writing is a way for me to lose myself in so many different daydreams.  Because I love the stories of vampires, witches and other paranormal figures, I wanted to enter the world with my own characters, each resembling characteristics that I can only imagine having or experienced.  When I had children, I could see how they loved to read and I wanted to be a role model in the world of literature for them.  I majored in Political Science and also earned a Masters in Information Systems, that writing gives me an opportunity to dream about the paranormal world. I've read so many reviews of "Queen's Destiny", that it both humbled me and inspired me to continue with my writing.
Writing is my escape from reality to enter a world that has always been a favorite and I look forward to continuing.

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