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Character Interview with Bach From Wisteria.

(This interview was taken before the start of Book One)

Three years after the Nero Plague turned 80% of the world's people into flesh eating zombies, most humans barely understand what is happening around them. Our people are struggling to survive. Amongst this madness (and through the ages), a race known as the Family visit to watch the Earth die, out of a twisted pleasure.

Welcome! Today we’re interviewing Bach from new novel Wisteria. You can find out all about Wisteria on this blog, facebook or get it here.
Tell us about your family.
I have two older brothers, a father and a step-mother. My father is the Sen of my clan or Pillar. He leads our clan of a million people and is one of the seven Elders who guide our realm. This makes my brothers Sen-Sons and we work with our father ensure stability on our realm.

So, you’re like a prince?
No, I am more like the son of a governor.

And what should we call your people?
The Family.

Don’t you have a real name? The Family kind of sound generic?
Almost no one knows the ancient name of our people because we  find names too sacred to just say.
It is hard to see how easily your people throw names around.

Well you can’t feel that strongly about it, since you told us your name.
Bach is not my true name. I just told you, names are highly sacred. Like most of my people, I do not go by my actual name.

What is your actual name?
(He pauses) I will never tell you that.
The last person to actually say it was my mother shortly before the Terran’s killed her.

I’m sorry for your loss.
 I do not need your pity.

Still, that must’ve been the scariest moment of your life?
I do not get scared. I suppose if you were  be caged and tortured by humans for amusement and shortly after those same human’s murdered someone  you cared about, you would be terrified.
While that was a terrible time for me, I was not afraid.

I’ll move on to my next question. If you could apologize to someone in your past, who would it be?
(He frowns)

Unless you have nothing to apologise for?
You are right. I have nothing to apologise for and if I did why would I tell you Terran?

Morning Person? Or Night Person? How do you know?
I am a night person. I find the darkness and cooler air better for contemplating.

What makes you happy?
I will be happy once my Great Walk is done.

The Great Walk?
It is a 1,000 day journey away from our home realm. It is a rite of passage teenagers take to see more of the realms around them and develop the skills required to live as adults. Mind was to come to Terra, or Earth as you call it and watch the zombie destroy your world..

Wait you want to watch us get destroyed? Do you even care about your own safety? Eventually the zombies will come after you.
First the infected don’t come after The Family, because they cannot sense us unless we let them. Second I can control them telepathically—if I wanted to. Third, I’m immune to the Nero virus, so their bite has no effect on me and finally, I am faster and stronger than any Terran which means,  I would be able to kill a zombie long before it was even a threat to me.

Why don’t you help the humans?
Why should I after what they did to my mother? The Terrans created the virus, so they should figure out how to deal with it or it will deal with them.

You can’t mean that.
Did I stutter? The Terran’s killed my mother. I do not care what happens to them.

Isn’t here a single human you care about?
There was this girl when I was younger... No, the Terrans mean nothing to me.

Is there a piece of advice that you have received that has really stuck with you? If so, what was it?
It was something my father said, “The Family and Humans can never commune. That was the way it was in the beginning and the way is shall be forever.”

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  1. I learned that the character comes from a very powerful family!!

  2. Well what a Twert. He needs a good spanking. I bet he gets his come upance in the book. I have a feeling this girl from long ago, may just be his come-uppance. His people seem to have no feelings and think they are superior beings, something tells me there is a change of scene & maybe a surprise or two in the book, and but it is just hinted at that he will have feelings. I want to read this.
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  3. I signed up and I learned the character comes from a very powerful family!
    Ashley A
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  4. Names are sacred:)

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  5. Well he wont tell you his name cause the last person to say it was his mother.

  6. The prince is a night person, primarily because it is cooler and this helps him to contemplate :) Thank you for your generous participation in this fun hop.