Tuesday, 8 January 2013

It's all about the Fair Folk

One thing I loved about vampires were the rules: stay out of the sun, no reflection and only come in if invited. Now, everything is changing and while change is good for the soul, sometimes I miss what once was. 

Luckily with Fairies  not a lot has changes yet. So for the sake of memory lane, I am listing a few of the rules of the Fair Folk we called Fairies.

And for those who've read the Wisteria Series, you might recognize a few of these traits in Bach's people.

As Fairies are mythical creatures, the rules will sometimes contradict each other, but hey...
  1. Fairies cannot produce music, but they love it and are often found around live music.
  2. For the Fairies who can make music or art they often teach humans in exchange for animal sacrifices
  3. Fairies do not lie, but can be selective with the truth
  4. They steal babies and switch them with their own. These switched infants are often called Changelings
  5. While they all have names, they don't offer them up freely as knowing a Fairy's name give you power over her
  6. Cold Iron is like kryponite to a Fairy
  7. They are magical creatures and their main business on earth is to cause mischief
  8. A fairy are generally good humored, but will do horrendous things to a person once she is upset.
  9. They have green eyes 
  10. Not all accounts held that Fairies were tiny people with wings. Some believed Fairies were tall and majestic human like people.

Leave your own rule about fairies below (Existing or made up).
Please let me know if you made it up yourself or actually did a bit a research.
Include your email address.
I will select my favorite rule (one I will work into the last Wisteria Novel).
The winner will get an advanced copy of my new Wisteria short story (Criteria)

Contest Closes 12pm GMT on 15 January 2013



  1. My son says a fairy lives under his pillow. When he closes his eyes, he can see the twinkling lights. So, my rule is that a fairy can make herself invisible, but if you look closely, you can find a fairy because they always "sparkle," as my son says.

  2. Sorry, I forgot my email address:
    smhparent [at] hotmail [dot] com
    Thank you!

  3. Only animals can see fairies...made that one up.

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  4. My mother in law always saw that every time you hear a wind chime a fairy/Angel gets their wings. Thanks for the Giveaway!

    BrittanyUtley (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. cannot enter a home without being invited first

  6. fun! i researched these:
    fairies are associated with certain plants, trees and places, and
    they live on fruit!
    not necessarily rules, but fairy tidbits! :) thanks for the great giveaway!
    puddle_of_light at yahoo dot com

  7. My rule is that fairies are most vulnerable when they are sleeping. If you can overcome a sleeping fairy, then you have a chance to catch them. (I made this up)

    brooke811 at ymail dot com

  8. You can only see one if you believe in them. That's what I think.

    bookaholicholly at gmail dot com

  9. If you're a writer, artist, or musician, it's believed that if you go to sleep near a slow-moving river or stream, that kindly faeries will give you an idea for a creative masterpiece. (Just be careful of those less-than-savory fae who lurk near such areas as well. Keep a bit of iron or salt in your pocket if you try this.)

    I know this from my extensive research of faery mythology from around the world. (I'm kind of obsessive about folklore and mythology.)

    tp DOT quixotic AT gmail DOT com

  10. All Faeries have different color wings that could mean different things like: each color represents what the Faeries do in life. Or the color will let you know where they stand in their society. Or if they are good Faeries or bad. I made this up myself just now.
    Thank you for being a part of this fun and awesome blog hop!!

  11. fairies have a caste system. those fairies in servitude must wear an iron shackle around a wrist or ankle. the iron dampens their power and forces them to be submissive. the only problem is that prolonged exposure to the iron will make them lose their connection to the light but in turn the poisoning will replace it with a link to the dark forces. eventually the lower castes vanish and their masters are ignorant of why, how or where they went. the "missing" fairies have become part of a shadow society, dark fairies with dark power and darker purposes and at total opposition to their former "family".

    i made that up. :) great giveaway!

  12. cc_clubbs@yahoo.com
    Fairies have echolocation like a bat so that they may fly at night or during the day in a darkened forest. They have an echolocation song that they sing, with each different family having their own specific song. If you listen quietly in a forest at night, you can faintly hear it. (Based on research of a bat.)

  13. I did some research online and found this one: Humans and fairies sometimes marry. A man might go to fairyland to live with his bride or he might bring his fairy bride back to his home. There are strict rules to remain married to a fairy. A human husband must never scold or strike his fairy wife or refer to her as being a fairy. If he does, the fairy immediately returns to fairyland.

    And these two: A little mistletoe hung over a cradle is supposed to ward off fairies and to prevent the child from being replaced by a changeling.

    It is dangerous to step on a St. Johns wort. A fairy horse may rear up under the person's feet and carry them off on a wild ride that will last all night before the hapless rider is unceremoniously dumped in some far off spot.

    Ashley A

  14. My rule I would make up for fairies is that they have one soulmate in life and once they meet that soulmate they can no longer be "sassy" and do naughty things. This doesn't meet they can't love others, it just means when they find their soulmate which is destined to happen at some point in their life they become good for the rest of their life.
    sbereza22 at gmail.com