Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sliding Scale of Antiheros

Rather than talking about Bad Boys, thought I'd go all out and discuss the beloved Anti-Hero.  I believe when it comes to down to it a Bad Boy is an anti-hero. We all know we should hate him and really part of does, but then we still can put the darn book down.

I was on TV Tropes's blog and came across this interest classification which I've summarized.

Bach from Wisteria
1. The Classic

An classic anti-hero is a protagonist lacking the typical heroic characteristics like loyalty, honor, duty, and in the case of some of the bad boys kindness. Sometimes the a guy (or girl) falls into this category due to a checkered past they are trying to escape. At the end of day, the antihero still believes in the cause. He will try to save the day because it is the right thing to do. His methods just might be less than perfect questionable, but no one gets hurt.

Ladies love him because he's just misunderstood

2. Pragmatic Anti-Hero
A lot darker than the first antihero. He wants to do good, does so using questionable methods. He'll whatever it takes to get the job. Sure a few people get hurt on the way, but they were bad guys and probably deserved it. He's not a killer, but might cross the line by accident if he doesn't stop.

Ladies love him because we want to change him

3. Vicious Anti-Hero
Amadeus from Unwish
He has undergone some gut wrenching ordeal that has made him bitter out for revenge or blood. Nothing will derail him from fulfilling his mission not even his love for the leading lady. His revenge or mission drives his bloodlust or the manner in which he treats those around him. He will do what it takes to stop the villain and where necessary they are prepared to kill, but this serves to make them more tortured and unstable. There is some teeny-tiny hope he will grow into the classic hero, but in reality there's an almost fifty-fifty chance he'll become just scrape to the Dangerous Anti-Hero or descend into a Hero in Name only.

Ladies love him because we love tortured souls and deep down he's a little boy who's momma left him

4. Hero in Name Only

The only thing that makes this guy a hero is the villain he's fighting is worse than himself. He has no redeeming quality whatsoever and really for the story to work, he has to be that way. Simply put, he is the lesser of two evils as not only are his methods despicable and his motives are too.

Ladies... and girl with him is probably long dead.

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  1. New follower from the hop. Bad boys just make like more interesting.

  2. I like Bad Boys because they frustrate me - and then they smile.

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  3. I like Bad Boys because they frustrate me - and then they smile

  4. I like funny/snarky bad boys bc they are witty! :D

  5. I like bad boys. Bad boys who are humane and compassionate deep inside of course.

  6. whats not to like about someone who seams all hard and bad but turns out to still care about his love
    kaholgate at ymail dot com

  7. I like bad boys cause they spice things up. I also like them rough and ready for anything, but with a well-hidden soft side too! Bad boys also tend to have muscles, and tattoos, and sometimes even a motorbike! What's not to like?

  8. I like Bad Boys because they are so infuriating, in a cute sort of way. Love those silent, moody types too. hey are sooo irressistible!

  9. I like bad boys cause they can be tough but yet sentive.

  10. I only like the pragmatic anti-hero. I want someone who is loyal and courageous. Perfect anti-hero, Tristam in The Bandit King.

  11. I like bad boy cause of the whole cocky attitude. How they act like they care for no one and nothing but then you let the girl they like be in trouble and then it's on like Donkey Kong.

  12. I probably like your #2 more than others, thou am drawn to the #3 as well. But I have to say I hate the "ladies really want to change/fix him" statement. That has always made me crazy, even in my friends. Why would anyone claim to like/love a person, then set out to make them into someone they don't like?
    I have always thought of bad boys as Alpha Guys in the making, but that's just me.
    I like bad boys because they are more human, show how they feel the pain (like we feel it), and I know would protect the family or avenge the girl or friends if need be. The pretty boys are great for Barbie, but they will get killed right along with her!


  13. Thank you for the giveaway. I like bad boys because there is usually something really deep going on. Usually when they love you, they love you hard.

  14. I love Bad Boys because they're so freaking possessive and it's so sexy. Also I think that since they get into fights, they're protective of the ones they love and their 'I-don't-give-a-crap' attitude makes me feel alive. I'm not dating one, but hey! A girl can dream. Also, they're hard on the outside but they'll love you deeply when they fall. And one last thing: their smirk... Oh god :)

  15. I love bad boys because they are hot and cool at the same time. And the most swoon-worthy part is when they come across "that one girl"... Gosh! They'll be willing to do anything for her... It gets so adorable and lovely! ♥
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Email- sarikapatkotwar(at)gmail(dot)com

  16. There Swagger and snarkiness, But underneath all that theres a real person whose really sweet and loving and protective. Thanks!

  17. I love Bad Boys because they're sexy and they KNOW it. They know they can turn a girl into a puddle with a well thrown backhanded compliment :)
    Thanks for the great giveaway!!
    Ashley A

  18. I love bad boys because they are always the best looking men around. Not only looks but they always seem so loyal without making a big scene and letting you know. I love that bad boys can make you feel so safe and they are very protective. And the best thing is when they fall in love that's it. No else matters anymore. They are honest, loyal, protective, loving, caring and good looking what else could you want??!!
    Thank you for being a part of this fun and awesome blog hop!!

  19. I love Jace from the Mortal Instruments series. He is such a bad a$$ and a jerk most of the time. Oh but, when the story is from his perspective you fall in love with him! Ya gotta love bad boys because they are sto strong but secretly super sensitive!

  20. Why do I like bad boys? Well for one thing they're seen as dangerous and off-limits, which is something I think everybody secretly desires. Why do people dive out of planes or drive round tracks at super speeds? It's because we love the thrill and the risk of being hurt makes winning all the more satisfying. It's the same with bad boys. You know there's a good chance you'll end up hurt, but if you do come out on top.. it's just so good.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!

  21. I love bad boys because when they are sensitive (which is rare) it's a beautiful thing. Like the old 80's long hair bands. Their love songs were incredible because they were 'tough' guys. Gives you goosebumps:))

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  22. I love bad bosy, because they strong and loyal.. and then they go good!

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  23. love bad boys
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  24. I love bad boys in books because theyre complete opposite of my type in reality. I enjoy their attitudes, their gruff nature, their general mystery.
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